Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sucker Punch

I recently had gone to the movies with my best girl Neyda to see a kick-ass chick flick. SUCKER PUNCH....this has to be one of the best action movie for me. So check out my look that I was inspired to put together. It's warming up lately so im able to wear shorts again in Maryland. I found a old hoodie and chopped the sleeves. I cut a pair of old skinnys and ripped a old t-shirt. Notice my cut-up sleeves made good leg warmers sugged in my military heeled boots. Then came the dolled up hair and glasses. Thats my action hero look...The tomboy from next door. That reads alot,plays the drums,loves science,knows kung-fu,studies the minds of others,But loves a great sale and awesome pair of shoes. LAdyBug. Not bad for a action hero...huh lol

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