Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Apologies...

I have been writing daily and this freaking site continues to freeze...then it loses my stories and photos....SO PISSED.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Really playing the catch-up game...ugh!!

 I really hate the fact that I haven't been able to keep up with my blogging like I use to. Many of my readers have questioned where have I been? What happened to my old stories? When will my clothing store be ready? As you all know I have been battling health issues. So that's my reason for the catch up. My health is better then before. I thank all that has kept me in there prayers. Stress and worrying is never any good for the body. I have my stomach to remind me of that. As far as my old stories...I tend to critic myself alot so I deleted them all. SORRY... to answer your question in regards to the online store...yes it will be here soon. Please bare with me and continue to be patient. I'm doing everything to give you all the best clothing and accessories. It won't be long...I PROMISE.
  I have been doing a lot of researching lately. Just doing my best to give you all what you ask of me. That's basically STANDOUT.

City Park for Bark in the Park...

This was Quest's first time in the park. He really wore himself out of a good collar and shirt. Trying to take pictures without treats isn't so easy with Quest. Although he is getting better...On the day for" Bark in the Park"...the weather never felt better. We were asked to be comfortable and act natural. I must say it was a bit nerve wrecking having to chase Quest every few seconds but the day turned out great. Besides I was able to eat
  Did I forget to mention we were located in the same place that Benjamin Button was filmed. NICE ONE FOR LADYBUG!!!

Vintage treasure...

New Orleans is filled with so much excitement,partying and lots of amazing people with great taste in fashion. I had a mini photo shoot in City Park while visiting. I must say although it was very hot...Knowing I had the best vintage pieces on for the shoot was cool enough for me. I also have hard time trusting stylist with my hair and makeup. But....I must say that she did an awesome job cutting my hair and makeup...I almost had a nice pair of heels out the whole hair and makeup I was told my feet were to little. Size 7 1/2 -8 are normal for most women.Here you will see my vintage blouse and my beautiful haircut that I loved so much.Pairing it with dark denim and nude pumps. Accessorized with jade and coral bracelets and Indian jewelry. My look was voted for best vintage piece for Spring 2011.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cutter Nation Standup!!!

"There are alot of things that are going on in your neighborhood" thats what a member of Cutter Nation mentioned to me about helping the youth in low-income neighborhoods. While visiting my family I was invited to a social party given by Cutter Nation. Here were prestige and beautiful individuals that had mad love for the neighborhoods and culture. I was embraced by the President and wife of the social group.Here you will see a group of people unite for the the future our youth.

Sunday's are Wonderful Rich

Most Sundays....wwwweeeeeellll every Sunday we spend with Wonder our little sister. She recently ha a birthday and turned the big 1---8...being that I was out of town on my many trips. I wasn't there to celebrate. So we  decided to celebratewith a night on Adams Morgan.

You Snooze you Looze...after party.

Some local bloggers got together for a mini fashion show and fund-raiser for needy single mothers. We had an awesome show and received lots of clothes.Hoku and I were part of that show. Did I forget to mention...Quest was in the show also..winks