Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The big day will be here fast as I blink....

I was going through my pictures and came across these. I so love this dress especially the heels. I deserved to standout and whats more better than SPARKLE...THE BIG WAY!!!
Please!!! excuse the the year that's documented on the pictures...the year was 2010. Silly camera...This was the day we celebrated our 3yr anniversary. The theme for the cocktail party was Black Pearl and a Rose. We really enjoyed our time with family and close friends.In two months we will commit our love with all whom has been supportive of relationship and the difference we are trying to accomplish in the world. It has been a very busy and tiresome time. But will make it...we always have. I will keep u all posted with all that has come and gone bye. Have a blessed Tuesday and I will be posting more later in the evening.

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