Monday, January 17, 2011

I recently had discussion with my niece on the difference between antique jewelry and jewelry found at a yard sale. Unless you are shopping at an estate sale...rarely u would find antique or vintage jewelry at a yard I have never and I love both antique markets and yard sales. Most of the time the items that you may find in someones garage or yard or mostly outdated clothing or jewelry u can find in any clothing stores in the mall or boutique. There only spring cleaning or ridding clutter in there closet or attic. I have always been a bit obsessed with antique market,flea markets and second hand consignment shoppes. What u find at antique/vintage shoppes are one of kind. There real gold,silver,turquoise,jade,opal,garnet,coral,rose gold and holds a sentimental meaning. Every piece that I have purchased always has a story and timeline that goes allows me to feel as if  I hold a part of fashion history. From the tweed Chanel jacket,or designer dresses,leather oxfords,cowboy boots,leather Hermes' belts or Valentino studded all has a story and remains part of history. Just like my anniversary ring that was given to me. The owner of the Emporium Shoppe had it since she was sixteen by her first love. I now own that ring and carry the love that she and her first love once shared and the love between me and Hoku shares and my love for antique jewelry. When my niece had the chance to see my collection of jewelry I've purchased over the years she instantly saw the difference.

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  1. Thank you...this only a portion of the jewelry that I have purchased or was given. Hopefully I can take pictures of all my pieces and show them on my blog. The indian jewelry that u see to the left weree custom made by my dad whom is native american and other indians. The dream cather earrings was a gift from my fiance when she visited Canada. They were also custom made.